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THE FIRST PAIN-FREE Laser Hair removal technology made by ALMA Lasers. The Soprano XL Diode Laser is revolutionary in 3 ways:

  • 1. It Is PAIN – FREE!
  • 2. It Is the first laser machine that can treat asian and black skin types SAFELY & EFFECTIVELY
  • 3. Is the first laser technology that allows clients to tan between sessions.

The mission of The Laser Boutique is to be the leaders of non-invasive aesthetic procedures in South Africa. This means that the Bedford Centre shoppers will be introduced to only the latest, ground breaking technology in aesthetics. The Laser Boutique website address is

The Laser Boutique caters for both ladies and men. Popular areas that our male clients like to laser is their back, chest, front and back of neck, shave line, nose, monobrow and ears.

We have an awesome Doctor who has started working with us at The Laser Beautique.

Dr Notelovitz has an amazing reputation and our clients just love her.

Dr Talia Notelovitz is a cum laude graduate of Wits Medical School. She graduated with prizes for the top student in, internal medicine, paediatrics and psychiatry and clinical ability. She went on to achieve with masters degree in Human Nutrition. She has trained extensively in aesthetic medicine, including Botox and Fillers, medical skin conditioning, chemical peels and laser technology through the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. In addition, she has attended training with Allergan and Galderma.

What we absolutely love about Dr Notelovitz is that she is passionate about helping her patients to look naturally younger and feel beautiful and confident.

In amongst other treatments Dr will be offering Botox and Filler treatment. Our Dr Notelovitz has the magic touch when it comes to the liquid facelift! The results we can achieve are astounding!

The price for Botox is R60 per unit. One usually has about 18 units for eyes = R1,080, 21 units for frown = R1,260 and 10 units for forehead = R600.

If you treat your frown and your eyes, you will get the forehead complimentary

Filler can cost from R2,250-R3,000 per syringe depending on the filler required. Doctor will advise which filler you may need. Usually one starts with one syringe and depending on your needs could have a second

You can schedule a free consultation with Dr so that you can ask all your questions and get to feel comfortable before deciding whether to go ahead with the treatment.

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